About EdCo

EdCo Community Credit Union has a long history in the Des Moines area. In fact, we've served this community since 1930. Our roots are in the field of education, initially founded to serve public educators and their families. However, thanks to thousands of loyal members, EdCo has grown to a multi-million dollar credit union with a robust offering of products and services that are now offered to educators, their families and community members alike.



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You don't bank with a credit union...

you belong to a credit union.

  • A credit union is a non-for-profit financial cooperative that is owned by the people who use it's products and services- the members. Each member has equal ownership in the credit union regardless of how much money that person has deposited in the credit union.

  • Credit unions pool their members' deposits in order to provide loans to other members at affordable rates. Members also benefit from higher returns on savings and fewer fees, on average, as compared to other for-profit financial institutions.

  • Credit unions are highly-regulated, and all members deposits are Federally Insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration


To be our members' most valued financial partner.


EdCo Community Credit Union is a financial cooperative dedicated to providing its members with loans, savings and other quality services, and providing education on matters of financial management for life betterment.