Telephone and Mail Scam Alert 

We want to make our members aware of a current phone and mail scam. Scam victims have received phone calls from a phone representative claiming to work for AT&T. The phone rep claims he/she is collecting on past due accounts and recites the individual's name and the last four digits of their Social Security Number. When the victim disputes the AT&T account, saying they've never had AT&T service, the phone rep then tells the victim that they will receive a form in the mail to complete and sign, stating that this past due account is not their account. When the fake papers come in the mail, the victim is asked to fill out the form with all of the information one would normally place on an application for credit. The victim is then asked to either fax or mail back the form. The scammers then have everything they need to steal an identity.

An EdCo member who was recently contacted about this scam brought the form they received in the mail into the credit union office.  When one of our staff members googled the fax number, multiple reports of fraud and scams came up in the internet search.

Important: Any disputes of credit are to be handled through the credit bureaus and personal information is NEVER to be given over the telephone or provided on any mailed form to dispute a claim.