CU Succeed

EdCo offers teens a variety of ways to save their money, while encouraging them to become educated and responsible young savers.

  • Share account for teens ages 13-17 that earns dividends on the first $5.00 deposited
  • Learn basic money management strategies through quarterly newsletters

  • The CU Succeed website includes many articles from young adults as well as fun activities and things to do. The website also has learning tools that show teens things like how to balance a checkbook and work out a budget. Newsletters go out to our CU Succeed kids quarterly and we periodically run contests and specials with the CU Succeed accounts. Members in the CU Succeed Club have the opportunity to write and submit articles on the site which could result in cash prizes!

We also have financial services designed with our young members in mind!


At age 13, we recommend these financial services:

Youth Bundle Checking
 - a free checking account with a free debit card, plus all of the free electronic 
services we offer so they can keep an eye on their accounts.

Youth Round-Up Savings - a special savings account that’s tied to a debit card to help them save for whatever they and you (their parent/guardian) decides is important.

Prepaid Card - If they’re not quite ready for a checking account, a prepaid card loaded with their allowance may be a good start. They’ll learn how to manage their money while using a card, without any risk.

At age 16, we recommend:

First Car Loan – If you co-sign for their first car loan, we'll give them a rate based on your credit scores. However, the loan will work to build their credit score.