Promise Deposit Service

Deposit a check through Online Banking & have access to your money instantly!

Need to deposit a check, but can't make it to our office or an ATM? No problem!

Use our new Promise Deposit service, available through our FREE It'sMe247 Online Banking service! Simply contact our office to enroll in the service and receive a few brief instructions. Then, login to It'sMe247, enter the check number, date and amount, and the funds will be deposited to your account instantly. You then have the option to mail or deliver the check to us within four business days.


Here's How It Works:
Once you are enrolled in our Promise Deposit Service, log in to It'sMe247 and select "Promise Deposits." The Promise Deposit button on the "My Accounts" drop-down menu can be used to post a deposit, reprint a deposit slip, verify checks that need to be mailed, and check on due dates for previously-posted deposits: 

The below "starting" page will appear next. In addition to allowing a new deposit to be posted, the page provides status updates on late and pending deposits and confirms recently-received deposits:

Once you click the "Create a New Deposit" button, the page below appears. At this point, the deposit has been completed and the transaction has posted to your designated account. You will need to follow the instructions on this page, including printing a copy of the deposit slip that should be enclosed in the envelope when mailing the check to the credit union office at 609 38th St., Des Moines, IA 50312.

Please contact our office at 515.274.4100 to enroll in this convenient new service and to receive detailed instructions on getting started!